Vehicle make: AML

Small picture of French Dinky 814
French Dinky
AML Panhard Armoured Car
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French Dinky 814 AML Panhard Armoured Car

The French Dinky AML Panhard Armoured Car French Dinky introduced the Panhard AML (Auto-Mitraileuse Legere/Light Armoured Car), 814, in 1963. Costing 5,5 fr. (new francs), about 11/-, the 72mm long model depicted the Panhard AML HE 60-7, which had a breach mortar and two machine guns. Panhard produced this highly successful 4x4 for over 30 countries. Powered by a Peugeot engine (petrol or diesel), the vehicle could achieve 90 Km/h on the road, with a range of 600Km. In France, the actual vehicle and the model replaced the imported Daimler Ferret (Dinky model 670). The twin radio antennae and a pivoting turret distinguished the model, which featured in the 1962 French Dinky catalogue.Cost 5.5Fr available in olive drab finish. French Dinky in detail...